I’m very very late ! ê___ê’

Here some pics of my children book”The little Red Wolf” ! :>

Now available in french bookstore and on amazon (the picture of the book on amazon is very very ugly but the book look really better for real…ù__ù) !

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The Japanese artist Shinichi Sawada makes creatures from clay: totemic figures that have a primal energy. Born with severe autism and barely speaking, these sculptures are his way of expressing himself. He began producing them in 2001 whilst in residence at the Ritto Nakayoshi Sagyojo, a facility for mentally impaired people in Ritto in Japan. They have since gained international attention. I saw the sculptures in the photos here at the 2013 Venice Biennale where I was utterly entranced by their rich personal mythology that somehow touches on archetypal creatures from ancient Noh theatre, to Manga, Anime, and horned tribal fetishes. He has been included in the Wellcome Collection’s exhibition of Outsider Art from Japan, and now the exhibition ‘Intuitive Folk’ at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester UK. In the words of Chris Wiley Sawada’s sculptures ‘stand as evocative and enigmatic testaments to his inner life, mute idols of a tribe of one.’ http://pallant.org.uk/exhibitions1/current-exhibitions1/delonghi-print-room/intuitive-folk

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In Oberstdorf, an old village in Southern Bavaria, a unique ancient pagan tradition is still alive – the dance of the wild men (Wilde-Mändle-Tanz), which is held only in this small town, once in five years. 

Wilde-Mändle-Tanz is dedicated to the Germanic god Thor, and involves 13 men, all of whom belong to old local families who have been living in that region for centuries. The men’s costumes are made of moss, which grows only in the  Allgäu Alps

They dance to rhythmic drum music, building a pyramid, and at the end they drink mead from their wooden mugs, singing a ritual song.

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